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Social Criticism on Kris Adji Art Painting (2006-05-18 09:30:55)
Talking about Gresik, most people will directly know it as Industrial city, but only some people know that .....

Gresik also has some painting artists such as Wahyudi and Kris Adji A.W. Kris Adji A.W is Gresik native and has already painted since 1980. He has held many art
exibitions, sometimes, he held it by him self or with other artists. He is the only artist from Gresik who has chance to follow National Painting Art Jamboree next July where he will exhibit his two newest art painting as every artist only allowed to exhibit two art painting but he
will exhibit his 30 paintings at Surabaya Art Council on November. Most of his painting are expressive Surrealism paintings which symbolic the social life, such as on Black and White Dancing, Mother's love and Javanese Dance paintings.

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